Plane Speaking

I’m in DC this week. I flew in yesterday. As the plane left the ground the stewardess came on the intercom and told us that this would be the captain’s last flight, and he would be retiring tomorrow. Not comforting. I’ve seen enough cop movies to know what will happens to the the grizzled old veteran (and presumably everyone on the grizzled old veteran’s plane) when someone mentions, in the first act, that it’s his last day on the job before retirement.

I had a window seat above the wing. On the engine I could see a red circle, with a pictogram of a man inside it and a line crossing him out. I wasn’t sure if this was to warn people from getting too close, or if the captain was an ex-WWII ace and was keeping a record of his kills.

Also: I must be getting old, because I now firmly of the opinion that members of a flight crew should not refer to one another as “bro.”