Never Share

Files Are Not For Sharing, a collaboration between Goopy and I, appears in The Morning News today.

Apologies to Elizabeth Verdick, author of the “Xs Are Not For Ying” series. They really are good books and The Squirrelly likes ’em a lot, so go buy a few to assuage my guilt.


  1. “…between Goopy and I…”?


    Try “between goopy and me”.

  2. Man, that was great. My favourite part was the waffle on the Internet Pirate’s arm.

  3. What is the significance of the waffle on the arm? Is that a gang thing?

  4. Hee-larious! I love the mutated Kitty, even though he makes me sad.

  5. Somehow the waffle is analogous to the real pirate’s parrot…

    And while this probably isn’t related nor helpful, it’s a little amusing to see how many ways “waffle” can be used.

  6. Except for Teeth Are Not For Biting. That’s the dumbest title.

  7. Copyeditor moment: At the top of the ninth slide, it says “8 of 9″ instead of “9 of 9″.

    Teeth are totally for biting! Just not for biting other people. And feet are totally for kicking! Kicking balls out on the playground or yard, not shins of your friends. Or balls of your friends for that matter, if you know what I mean, and I think you do (certainly if you have the XY thing going on).

  8. I’ve been reading Teeth are not for Biting so much lately that I kept expecting to click and see, “Ouch! Sharing hurts!”

  9. “Just not for biting other people.”

    Several of my ex-girlfriends would disagree with that.

  10. Twisted, and yet oddly satisfying. Apparently X *is* for smoking.

  11. Wonderful work, thanks for, er, sharing.

  12. funny funny.

  13. “”…between Goopy and I…”?


    Try “between goopy and me”.”

    Hey, at least he didn’t say ‘between Goopy and myself’! (blergh!)

  14. That is the coolest thing I have seen all year.