The Works: Movie Blogs

I’m on The Works this evening talking about movie blogs. Here are the websites we discuss:

  • Ain’t It Cool News: To movie blogs what The Drudge Report is to political blogs.
  • GreenCine Daily: A great, general purpose film blog.
  • Metacritic: A site that compiles movie rating from all over the Internet. (Actually, my spiel about Metacritic on the show was something of a rambling digression and John may well cut it, so it may not be mentioned on the show at all.) Also check out Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The Movie Blog: The guy who got got his site shut down by paramount for enthusiastically hyping up their upcoming Transformers movie. The post about the controversy is here.
  • Thank You For Smoking blog, King Kong production diary, and Garden State blog: Three blogs set up by the directors of films to keep fans abreast of the picture’s progress. Zach Braff, director of Garden State, now maintains
  • Poster Wire: One of my favorite movie blogs is not about movies, but about movie posters. And any friend of Fipi Lele is a friend of mine. Here’s the post where I learned that the MPAA had approval over movie posters.

Other good movie blogs include The IFC Blog, Movie City Indie, and The Filmmaker Magazine blog. Milo Vermeulen listed his favorite movie blogs here, and I’d encourage readers to do likewise in the comments.

24 thoughts on “The Works: Movie Blogs

  1. OK, so this isn’t a blog per se, but it’s the best reviews you’re gonna find anywhere.

    It’s viciously cynical and every review is usually more entertaining than the film under review. Definitely not for those with an aversion to profanity though =).

    Some favorite reviews include “Glitter”, all of the Star Wars prequels, and the Matrix series. The whole lot oozes with sarcasm.

  2. You don’t have listed what I consider to be the best movieblog website. Great commentary, reviews, previews as well as really interesting information about the movie business and detailed weekly predictions for the weekend box office.

  3. It’s pretty distressing to hear about the MPAA having such a say over movie posters.

    I can accept every level of advertising has to have SOME level of regulatory censorship, but in this country that’s usually handled by the all-encompassing giant that is ‘The Advertising Standards Authority’.

    As for me, I don’t read many blogs at all, your is one of 12 blogs in my feeder, and they’re all ‘personal journal’ blogs rather than having a specific genre.

    That’s not to say these can’t have movie reviews on them, I write a review whenever I go to see a movie, and I very much enjoyed your guides into wathcing the new Star Wars Trilogy.

  4. I have to plug Filthy as well (high five HDC!). The one I enjoyed the most recently was his freakin’ hilarious taking-apart of The Break-up:

    The only film blog I read. The only downside is how far out-of-sync New Zealand release dates are with his blog, although I don’t think that will be a problem for most of you.

  5. You might want to check out the Moxie Blog, which is a blog written by a man who opened an independent arthouse movie theater in Sprinfield, MO, about a year ago. Read the archives. This blog existed way before the theater opened and it chronicles just about everything this guy went through and had to do in order to open the theater. Now that it’s open, it’s about the struggles of an arthouse theater to stay open. Good stuff.

  6. I was going to come in and mention my favorite one, like everyone else…someone even beat me to it the specific site though. I second flickfilosopher.

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