47 thoughts on “Pandiculation

  1. I did not yawn, but did soil myself.

    You might consider including an “other” option to accomodate such outliers.

    Off to change me pantaloons…

  2. Is there a margin of error on this to account for a) people who don’t like to admit that such things work on them and b) people like me who were in such a hurry to read the whole entry that the clicked straight through to the pie before they came back to comment and promptly yawned?

  3. Strangely enough, I didn’t even feel the slightest urge to yawn, despite what I’ve heard about even images of yawning being contagious. I stared at the photos for a full ten seconds, waiting to feel the urge, but it never came. Maybe it’s the lack of auditory input.

  4. Having multitasked to another page while it was loading, when I came back to it, I was too puzzled wondering why there was a browswer window with a picture montage rather than a webpage to be affected by the picture.

  5. I didn’t realize that they were yawning, until I read the options. I didn’t yawn then either. Maybe you need a video.

  6. I:

    * Didn’t yawn but felt the urge, and selected that one.

    * Was still feeling the urge while looking at the results graph and then DID yawn.

    * Felt the urge again just READING about yawning, and yawned again…

    * Felt the urge yet again while typing that last thing and so yawned a third time…

    * Think I am caught in some kind of horrible infinite loop now that I cannot get out of, except when I die, which will be shortly after hyperventilating… hypoventilating? What would that be, over-yawning-to-death?

  7. At first, I didn’t get it – it just looked like some weird collage. After I read the survey options, it dawned on me that you were asking if the page had caused me to yawn. At which point I did feel the urge to yawn.

  8. I didn’t really feel like it, but I could tell deep down that if I concentrated on it, I would have wanted to. I just had a big tortellini dinner and a beer…maybe all those carbs were surpressing the urge.

  9. I promptly passed out. Also upon reading the options, rather than viewing the picture. The joy of dial-up.

  10. Extraneously, I feel that it is within the interests of your scientific survey to mention that upon moving to the page with the pie chart I was hit with the sudden urge to go to the local confectionary.

  11. I felt a powerful urge, but sort of willfully suppressed it. I was also aided by the paralyzing cuteness of the bunny. I’m so very, very happy that there was a bunny.

  12. I agree – the bunny was just precious. Never seen one yawn before…
    (I didn’t give in but definitely felt the urge.)

  13. Now we know why Isringhausen can’t close a game for the Cardinals. He’s too worn out reading defectiveyeti.

  14. I too yawned upon coming back to read the comments. Now there’s a second yawn lodged in the back of my throat.

    I don’t recall this being covered in my first aid classes. Perhaps it’s because my card has now expired.

  15. One of the reasons that I didn’t yawn was the camel. I kept trying to figure out what was up with its ear (was that red/yellow thing some infection?), when it turned out that ‘infection’ was actually some decorations on the bridal.

  16. Only seems to work for me when I actually see someone yawn in real life. Images of yawning do not phase me. I am a superhero in that regard.

  17. My wife yawns. All the time. All I have to do is open my mouth.. not even pretend to yawn.. but open my mouth as far as I can and get her to look at me, and she’ll yawn. Over and over.

    She sent me the link =)

  18. I’m with Kevin on this one, except I thought the red was blood and the camel was screaming in pain! After a second or two, I realized that wasn’t the case but that definitely killed any urges. I think that yawns in person visually and/or audibly have the most — ah crap, I just yawned.

  19. I yawned just opening the blog, yawned again reading the link, yawned again at the pictures, again, and again, and again…I think I yawned everytime I read the word *yawn*…DAMN, there I go again!

    BTW – ever notice when you say the word *Yawn* (….damnit) over and over again, how stupid it really sounds?

  20. I always find yawning extremely contagious; even seeing the word in print will do it. I just started now, and will probably do it continuously as I type. But when I first opened the page, I thought they were all shouting, and that first impression saved me from the response!

    They need some better pics, or maybe animated ones, in order to get a proper sampling.

  21. Okay, now realizing that was an internal link, I feel I should revise: YOU need some better or animated pics!

  22. I thought they were yelling, but when I realized from the text that I was expected to yawn, THEN I wanted to yawn.

  23. I did not yawn and answered the survey accordingly.

    BUT THEN….
    when I used my Mozilla Firefox browser ‘back’ button to return to the index.html of your ‘webpage’ I crossed that page again (just for an instant) and I felt the urge to yawn. Since the test was over I supressed the urge but I wanted to let you know that your results might be a bit off because of this.

    I am on a pC using the Windows XP professonal edition if that helps.

  24. My mistake. Your ‘Homesite’ may very well be index.php or something completely different. It was presumptuous of me to assume a .htm or .html file. could you please edit my former post to rreflect this?
    Thank you.

  25. Another lover of the bunny here. That bunny looks like the Jabberwock when it yawns. “The jaws that bite! The claws that catch!”

  26. I answered ‘Immune to your Jedi mind tricks’

    But then, when I loaded the page I had absolutely no idea what all these people were doing with their mouths open, though it was funny… Then saw the ‘Did You?’ and had to think about it for a while…

    Of course, coming back here and reading all the comments gave me an overwhelming urge to yawn, but I’ve tried opening my mouth a couple times and nothing’s come out.

    I may never yawn again.

    I blame you.

  27. Another vote for “didn’t yawn until after reading the question, because I thought they were screaming or something.” Especially the camel.

    That’s no ordinary rabbit. Looks to me like a most bad-tempered rodent. Er, Lagomorph. Second cousin to a fruminous bandersnatch, I am sure.

    And ditto with “keep having the urge to yawn NOW.” Though two nights with only 3 hours of sleep each may have something to do with it.

  28. I didn’t yawn the first time but “felt the urge”. This visit however, right after I’d studied each picture and selected “no” I totally yawned. So I went back and selected “yes”. I wonder if it’s been the same for others: the response was delayed just long enough to make them dismiss the connection. …or correlation.

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