A Walk In The Park

I wrote a tribute to Seattle’s park system and it’s available today at The Morning News.

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  1. LOVED your article about Seattle’s parks. It made me homesick! Oh! We moved about ten years ago, but I still miss “my” city.

    GREATLY enjoy your blog, thanks.

  2. When I volunteered to teach at-risk youth, I didn’t know the word “yo” had been buried in the teen venacular graveyard. So uncool.

    I didn’t know Lincoln Park had horseshoe pits. Now where do I get horseshoes?

  3. This is re: the previous post.

    I know one person named, “August”; she is a beautiful girl and, no, it isn’t short for Augusta.
    I know August is just short for the Latin name, Augustus, but it will forever be associated with a pretty girl and her auburn hair.

    …that is all.

  4. My neighbors have a 4 year old boy named August – Gus, for shourt. Also, August is not just a month, but also an adjective, a synonym for “majestic” or “venerable.” Kinda cocky, if you asked me.

  5. Fabulous article, although it made me homesick too! I miss the green parks, but I’m really upset I never got to hear anyone shout “reality” on any of my runs. Does the opposite work? I would love to be able to get rid of reality with a single word.

  6. I’d remind you of the esteemed author August Derleth.

    ‘Nuff said!

    Cthulhu f’taghn!

  7. man, when can I move to Seattle. Sounds nice!

  8. That was some article! You’ve just inspired me to move to Seattle. They really have lovely parks, do they? Awesome!

  9. What a wonderful park you are talking about!!!! Its beauty reminded me about my visit to the Emirates!!! Of course, there isn’t so much vendure!!! But the area of resorts, where a lot of luxurious Dubai hotels are situated attracts tourists’ attention greatly!!! The environment is still more sandy and arid!!! I like this country very much!!! :)