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Jesus Christ, these bloggers are getting more aggressive every year.

Sorry, Man

Sorry, Man


Because I am a staunch opponent of animal cruelty, I’ve decided to stop using KY jelly. I recently learned that it is made by taking an adorable little ducky and cutting off its first three letters.


Porn Films For Robosexuals

Some Like It Bot
Rebel Without A Program
Output Anything
Uncanny Valley of the Dolls
The Old Man and the PC
Anode What You Did Last Summer
Cool Grasping Mechanism Luke
Neural Network
Cape Amphere
Schindler’s Array
The Cogfather
A Roomba With A View
In the Heat Of The Byte
An Affair To Cache
Chariots of Wire
Men In #000000
The Best Gears Of Our Lives

16 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Scratchpad

  1. Um… I hate to be the token dissenter, but what an awful piece of oratory. Not only do we lack a Churchill, but his speechwriter must’ve caught the last plane out, too. Hire an editor, Olbermann… we need the message, but not delivered like this.

  2. I can’t get Clack to do anything. I just see the “spinning red sun” and “Casual Gameplay”. The only links I can find on that screen are to Adobe and to a review of the game. I’ve tried two different browsers. Any ideas?

  3. george, make sure nothing is moving, that you’ve pressed the square orange stop button. now click the stick things to change their length. do it one at a time and watch where they go when you click the triangle.
    i hope i havent annoyed anyone by telling you.

    IM STUCK ON NUMBER 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Silence of the RAM
    Debbie Does Data
    To Crash a Mockingbird
    Das Reboot
    The Great ESC
    Kill Bill: Partition 1
    Die Hard Drive
    Walk the Queue

    … and my favorite …
    1100 Angry Men

  5. – Visual Basic Instinct
    – Matrix Downloaded
    – The Cyber House Rules
    – Droiders of the Lost Ark

    Had a few mode but Dug got there first.

  6. Matt:

    “Sorry, Man” is probably the funniest thing I have seen all year, and I can’t explain why because I laugh myself to tears when I even look at it.

    Thanks. :)

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