The Gift of the Magi, By O. Reilly

I didn’t so much “write” this story for The Morning News as amalgamate it.


  1. It seems that Della gets the better end of the deal in this story. Della’s hair – much like the Republicans – will come be back eventually.

    And there’s a joke in there somewhere about security on the Democrat’s watch but I haven’t worked that bit out yet.

  2. Has O’Rilley noticed that Wal-Mart’s Holiday slogan this year, “Be Bright,” is code for “Be an atheist”?

  3. So how do you get 60 pennies added to any other currency (other than pennies) to get $1.87? Do you have a twelve cent coin?

  4. Bwahahahahahah!

    You the bad, bad man.

  5. :thumbsup:

  6. Say…I noticed your whale-reader picture dealie on the top of your page is gone, does that mean what I think it means?

    That you are actually DONE with that God Aweful book?

    Is it a Christmas miracle????

  7. The part about Terry Gross’s hair was my favorite.

  8. Oh, that was inspired.

    By the way, you could get $1.87 and have 60 cents of it be in pennies if you had four half-penny coins. Were ha’pennies in use when O. Reilly was writing? Or had the forces of liberal secularism (or is that secular liberalism) abolished them in their efforts to socialize the monetary supply?