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  • Mark Donovan wrote a very nice post about defective yeti on Metafilter. Now I’m going to link to his site, so that some of the many people who are coming here from MF will go there; then other people will think that we coordinated this in advance, and that it was really a self-link-by-proxy; then still others will drag Donovan to MetaTalk for a thorough tar-and-feathering. Mwah-hah-hah-hah!
  • I am interviewed today in Clever Parent. Which is akin to a Bush interview appearing in “Intelligent President,” but I’ll take it.
  • I started posting at Tricks of the Trade again, God alone knows why. I’ll account for its absence when I relaunch it next Monday.
  • I wrote a treatment for a television show! So if anyone knows what the you are supposed to do with a treatment for a television show after you’ve written it, be sure and let me know, because I sure as hell don’t.
  • My new year’s resolution this year was to write at least one mystery story a month. My first one was posted here; my second one … yeah, so, the resolution ain’t going like gangbusters, so far. Still, I hope to finish (where “finish” = “begin and finish”) another one this week, and I’ll post it Monday for those who are interested in ladling out more heapin helpins of constructive criticism.
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    1. Uh, oops. You set “finished” = “begin and finished”, using the assignment instead of the == comparator, so now you’re screwed. Gotta do it!

    2. Easy-peasy. Once you’ve finished the television show treatment, you proceed to bill its insurance company.

    3. For the TV treatment, I suggest you ask fellow blogger John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey (kfmonkey on blogspot). I certainly don’t know, but he probably would!

    4. i pitched several cooking and gardening show treatments to the cable networks, only to slowly learn that unless you had a celebrity attached to the project, they were not interested.

      so i created my own cooking – gardening – and other stuff show on the internet: gardenfork.tv


    5. Two years later, and I still can’t believe Men’s Health would consider eating a burrito “hot”. Unless “burrito” is a euphemism for “jelly roll”, which is a euphemism for an early 20th century jazz pianist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Now that’s sexy.

    6. There’s tons of stuff you can do with a treatment, but most of the avenues will lead to asst. production asst. script readers in boxes that are filled to the brim. If you know anyone in the “business”, I would shop it to them to shop up the food chain. Graphic Artist – Art Director – Asst. Director – Agent – Producer, etc. If not, look at shows you like a lot and find out who their production companies are. Send an unsolicited script to them and pray the open it. You can also look at literary agencies and agents specializing in that kind of thing, I would start with the Screenwriter’s guild or something. Keep us posted. I’m working on one too, if I find an in, I’ll let you know.

    7. Whoa, man — I am re-writing a treatment right now, and would love to talk shop with you sometime. You can reach me through Myspace at myspace.com/andiamnotlyingforreal if you like, or through the e-mail I provided for this comment.

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