And Now For Something Completely The Same …

I just saw a commercial on CNN. “50 Years Of Pop Culture,” it said, “Thursday on CNN.”

Either they are airing an hour-long retrospective on the last 50 years of pop culture, or, from today forward, they are going to spend 50 years focusing on pop culture. The latter would probably be easier for them, as it would require no change of format.

“The paternity of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter has been established, but who will become her pediatric dentist? Anderson Cooper investigates … tonight!”

9 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely The Same …

  1. “And Now For Something Completely The Same …”

    If that shouldn’t be the new motto for big media like CNN, I don’t know……

    Best blog post title evar.

  2. I got to watch CNN in the hotel while I was traveling recently. I learned more about the judge in the ANS case than I ever wanted to know. Hey! There’s the new CNN logo:

    More than you ever wanted to know. C. N. N.

    Catchy – and even true.

  3. My favorite CNNism: “Prince Harry wouldnt be the first british royal fighting in a War…”

    Blight me!

  4. Tonight on CNN:

    Larry King talks about Anna Nicole

    Nancy Grace talks about Anna Nicole (“I’m outraged!”

    Greta Van Susteren talks about Anna Nicole

    Andersen Cooper talks about himself and Anna Nicole

    Every 20 minutes we cut to news break, to bring you updates on Anna Nicole

  5. Reminds me of a recent headline I liked:

    Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Thought.

    What IS the speed of thought? Do we all need to start climbing right now?

  6. CNN is no longer trying to be the news source for Americans, it’s now competing with STAR!, or silimar, for ratings.


    During lunch on Friday in a lounge, the headline news was about Paris Hilton’s potential stint in prison. What the hell is that!?!

    Go BBC and local news…

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