Mad Tausig Vs the Interplanetary Puzzling Peace Patrol

Hey, great news! My pal Goopymart–the guy with whom I collaborated on Files Are Not For Sharing–just illustrated a new book: Mad Tausig Vs the Interplanetary Puzzling Peace Patrol.

Actually, two (count ’em: two) of my friends were involved in the creation of this book, as another buddy of mine, Darkpony is a co-author. Sweet.

The book is full of puzzles for kids: crosswords, anagrams, cryptograms…even some newer kinds like Sudoku, and a bunch of original kinds too. A little advanced for Squiggle, but the sort of book I would have loved when I was nine or ten (as a devotee of both GAMES magazine and science-fiction). Readers work to unravel riddles and stop the Mad Tausig (holder of the world record for “Most Evil Inventor”) from hatching his master plot. And, of course, Goopy’s drawing are hilariously absurd, as always.

Fun stuff. Check it out.