Bradys, Half Off

Sony has launched the Minisode Network, a new service airing abridged versions of classic 70’s an 80’s TV shows.

Here is a selection of the programs, which have been given new titles that better reflect the scaled-back subject matter.

  • One’s Company
  • Green Yardage
  • Anecdotes of Life
  • The Odd Single
  • The Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollar Man
  • Fantasy Landing Strip
  • Narcissistic Joanie
  • Who’s the Middle-Manager?
  • Space: 1973
  • Married … And Childless
  • The Wonder Month
  • Littler House on the Prairie
  • Charlie’s Angel
  • Above-Average Strangers
  • Knight Ambler
  • Starsky

Update: It Came From the Comments!

  • The Mary Tyler Show (Lung the Younger )
  • The Moderately OK Hulk (Jay)
  • Star Stroll – The Immediate Family (Mike)
  • Murder, She Summarized (LAN3)
  • The Stainless Steel Girls (Karen)
  • Peak (braine)


  1. CHIP
    Charles Inaction
    The Duke of Hazzard
    The Moderately OK Hulk
    My One Son

  2. Mission: Not Worth It
    Rockford Memo

  3. Miami Parking Enforcement
    The “A” Duo
    Happy Hours
    The & Tennille Show
    General Clinic
    47 Minutes

  4. Knoll Street Blues
    Monty Pythons Flying Sideshow
    The Love Dingy

  5. See Ya, Kotter
    The Stainless Steel Girls
    Mid-Afternoon Court
    The Bachelor: Mike Brady

  6. Star Stroll – The Immediate Family
    Quantam Hop
    Pee Wee’s Sandbox
    Alien County
    Highway to Purgatory

  7. Peak

  8. Freak and Geek
    The One Love of Dobie Gillis
    A Golden Girl
    Battlestar Planetica

  9. The Dick Dyke Show.
    That Half Girl!
    The Street of San Francisco.
    Murder, She Summarized.
    Matlock: A Drama Set Entirely in the Courtroom
    Hogan, a Hero.

  10. Daisy Steele (or perhaps Bic Steele)
    Lucy? I Met Her at a Party Once

  11. Bonus round:


  12. Starfence SG-0
    The Inner Limits
    Moderately Okay Piece of Work Theatre.

  13. That 70BC’s Show
    Doc Hu (shortened, AND outsourced!)

  14. O.K. Days
    The Love Dingy
    Quantum Step
    Smaller Wonder
    That’s Not That Incredible

  15. Honky Days
    Ken Burns: The Civil War (length 3 minutes)
    Single Dare
    The 100 Club
    20 Minutes with Matt Pinfield
    10 Minutes
    24 [seconds]
    Andy Richter Controls His Office
    Monty Python’s Land-based Amusement Facility
    Silk Socks
    And the City
    They’re All Cylons!
    Meet Tim Russert
    The State of Disunion Address
    Reno 411!
    Saturday Night Pre-tape
    Jerry Springer Presents White Trash Fighting
    Jerry Seinfeld saying “Who are these people?”
    Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Jennifer Aniston’s Rack

  16. Starsky

  17. Friend
    Closet: MD
    Think about Rescuing Me
    Lost in the backyard

  18. Passing Fancy Island
    The Propane Company
    Bakersfield Squares
    Sonny and Charo
    Soul Scooter

  19. Reduced Fat CHiPs
    Laverne or Shirley
    Eh Times
    The Brady
    Flat-chested Buddies
    My One Dad
    Half Alf
    Smaller Wonder
    Greatest Canadian Hero

  20. Family Bolo Ties
    The A Pair
    The Serfs of Hazzard
    Okay Times

  21. Five is Enough
    Bronze Spoons
    Remington Tin
    Empty House
    Hill Street Blue
    Monday Night Foot
    That’s Quotidian!

  22. Quincy, G.E.D.
    BJ and the Cub.
    The McNeil-Lehrer Laugh-In
    The X-File

  23. H. Pufnstuf
    Love Original 13 Colonies Style
    Joker’s Mildly Excitable
    The Price is Adequate

  24. The Infatuation Skiff
    Donny or Marie
    ABC’s Narrow Region of Sport
    NBC Fortnightly News

  25. Barney (Miller)
    Ball 3
    Little Shed on the Prairie
    Mary Hartman
    Speed Walk Racer
    Gilligan’s Pier
    KRP in Cincinnati
    Johnny Socko
    Above-Average Man
    Even Dog
    Benny Hillock
    The Charlie Brown Christmas Standard
    Star Embargoes

  26. Just Fat Albert (He Ate the Cosby Kids)

  27. The B-Team
    Half-Full House
    The Most Ordinary American Hero
    Evening Court
    WKRP in Hyde Park
    The Infatuation Boat
    Headbanger’s Gathering

  28. The Afternoon Zone??

  29. Get Average
    Gummi Bear
    Fraggle Pebble
    1 Jump Street
    The Brady Boy
    Charles Second-in-Command
    Temporarily Relieved by the Bell

  30. PeeWee’s Closet
    Daydream Beach
    Recess with Ferris
    Mr. Jefferson
    Muppet Minutes

  31. Peak!

  32. Ensign Parker’s Navy
    Car 54, We’ve Located You
    The Addams Couple
    Baywatch (sans slo-mo)
    The Two Faces of Patty Duke (just cut out the shots where the cousins are together)