Scare Tactics

I’m going to start 991, an emergency hotline for people who have the hiccups. “Oh my god!” I’ll scream at the people who phone in. “A killer is calling from inside your house!!

I’m also going to start a support line for People Who Do Not Currently Have A Song Jammed Into Their Head. It will just play this, 24/7.


  1. Placebo – Running Up That Hill

  2. That’s a nice cover that preserves and updates the melodic hauntingness of the original, though it omits the pounding energy that drove Kate Bush’s classic. Jig of Life is another from her Hounds of Love album that I often had on repeat in my noodle.

  3. Remakes! Why’d it have to be remakes?*

    *Apologies to Indiana Jones.

  4. Meh. That song doesn’t do it for me. It’s always the annoying ones like ‘More Bounce in California’ by Soul Kid Number One.

    God I wish that song would leave my head.

  5. I don’t have the nerve to listen to the song.

  6. That’s Placebo, yes? I rather like it.

    I do enjoy covers in general, though. I’ve never really liked Kate Bush’s music all that much, but perhaps I will go find that song and compare the two. What’s the title of the track?

  7. Let’s see, if I don’t have anything nice to say . . .

    “Placebo” is aptly named.

  8. Unfortunately I’ve had “Smack that” in my head for days and this isn’t powerful enough to overtake it. Any suggestions for that?

    smack that, all on the floor,
    smack that, give me some more,
    smack that, ’till you get sore
    smack that, oooh.

  9. Michelle (re: “any suggestions”):

    If it were me, I would seriously be considering amputation.

  10. Placebo? I liked the music but not the guys voice.

    I am afraid I will have Kate Bush singing “runnin up that road” In my head all day. Maybe I can get Ministry to cure it for me.

  11. Hmm, Placebo’s version is much more haunting and less powerful than the version I know done by Within Temptation… it’s a little nerdy souding ’cause of the nasal voice, but I still like it.
    Btw, I love your emergency hiccup hotline idea, fantastic!

  12. Oh, come now! Everyone knows that when you’re on hold you have to hear “The Girl from Ipanema”, preferably one of those versions where a large chorus hums the words.

  13. I’m still singing this one from a few months back:

    My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
    My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps

  14. What’s worse is when you have the lyrics to the song stuck in your head wrong. Thanks to that infernal ipod nano commercial all I have looped in my head lately is “One, two, three, four – I declare a thumb war…..”

  15. Good song. Sadly, however, it failed to become stuck in my head.

  16. Your song doesn’t work. It just can’t drive this one from my mind

  17. Endomusia – having a song stuck in your head.

    P.S. I have chronic hiccups. Sux0rs.

  18. I’ve had the China Grove guitar solo in my head non stop since the day I first heard it back in 1973…that’s what I’m talkin’ about.


  20. My nomination for currently most earwormish song is this:

    It was dangerous for me to just go get the link to paste. I’m reconsidering setting my clock radio to the horrid beep alarm it has instead of leaving it on the radio due to my fear of this song, even.

  21. I actually put together a streaming playlist full of earworms just for those occasions when you do things like this to me.

    Everyone else, listen at your own risk.

  22. this song just is boring. I’ve actually completely forgotten now that it’s stopped.

  23. I love placebo and hadn’t heard that cover by them, but I must say it really doesn’t stick in the head that well.

  24. The universal brain-clogging song in my world is “Afternoon Delight.”


    You know you’re humming it RIGHT NOW.

  25. Afternoon What?

  26. Of course the all-time antidote to a song stuck in the head is: