29 thoughts on “Annual Call of Slacker Guide Items

  1. Here are some gifts for those slackers…

    –for those people too damn lazy to get into bed…


    –because the wife just can’t get what you want the way you want it

  2. If you really want to show what a slacker you are at the holidays you can give a USED Anti Monkey Butt Powder.

  3. Walgreens has this bin of $9.99 PRE-WRAPPED gifts. Most of them seem geared towards men, nail clipper set, faux leatherman for the keychain, but the coffee cup hot plate warmer I got was a hit at the office.

    Each gift is pre-wrapped and has a little to/from card and a bow that you sorta put together on the train or in the car… a cardboard sleeve tells you what you’re buying.

    if that’s not for slackers for office white elephant parties, I’m not sure what is!

    ok end.

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