The 2008 Create Your Own Oscar Pool Page

The 2008 Create Your Own Oscar Pool Page is live.

If you notice anything amiss-bugs, broken links, wrong nominees, typos–mention it in the comments, or drop me a line at


  1. Cool idea – thanks!

    Is there a way to get some statistics on how many voted for which category? And does it pick a “winner” at the end?

  2. Used this last year as well, and thanks, but someone has pointed out to me that the nominees for Costume Design and Original Score seem to be switched!

  3. Holy crap this is great. Thanks! I’ll be using it for my Oscar Party this year =)

  4. I know I’m ultra-lazy, but hows about a “Select All” check box for purists who wanna vote on every category? I have to check each one individually? My finger might break.