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  1. This is more a comment to yesterday’s post. To the Queen, actually. Tell her I’ve read The Hobbit more than once and had a great time. However, I have several times started The Lord of the Rings and have never made it past p.70.

    Long and boring. Yep.

  2. Not to just post a dopey “man, that was great!” comment, but man, that quiz was great. Not just because it was fun, which it was, but also because it made me think about how sometimes only two or three words was enough to give a song away and how sometimes even songs that I’ve known all the words to for 20 years are so much not about the lyrics for me that I couldn’t recognize them at all.

  3. No! You did NOT write that Hound Dog is “by Elvis Presley”!

    Big Mama Thornton, you heathen. If you want to specify the Elvis Presley version, say, “the Elvis Presley version.”

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  5. I’m kinda curious what the general ratio was for people. 18 out of 50 here, but I had to refrain from trying to sweep through the words too fast.

    Also, there was only one song that I didn’t know at all (the song by Cream), while there were 4 songs that I would be able to pick out with music but never really knew what the words were (Welcome to the Jungle, London Calling, No Woman No Cry, and Rock Lobster).

    Um, oh geez, can you tell that I was laid off recently and have a lot of spare time on my hands?

  6. What a terrific idea for a quiz, Matt! And it was unexpectedly difficult.
    I got 23 out of 50. And I could really tell the difference between ones I’ve sung, where I got it right away, and ones that I just knew from CDs / radio, where I really had to think about it.

    The one I couldn’t believe I missed: Piano Man. I should’ve looked closer.
    The one that made me especially happy: Rock Lobster.

  7. Carny Asada’s comment about #18 also hold true for #20, which was written by the author of #4.

    That’s one way to avoid spoilers.

    I got 33/50 which just goes to show that I listened to too much of my dad’s music growing up.

  8. how is anybody supposed to get Smells like Teen Spirit? are there lyrics? does anybody actually understand them?

  9. This was an amazing challenge! I got 27 (well, 27 1/2, I’m claiming, since I knew #4 was “something by Dylan”). Considering I had my iTunes blaring in my ear through the whole thing, I think that’s actually pretty impressive.

    What struck me is that the ones I knew–ones I grew up singing–I knew within almost a split second of seeing the lyrics. A word would jump out at me, and I would just know–or I’d get a hunch, and then look for other words I thought would be there. Only one of the ones I answered did I get completely wrong. And of the ones I didn’t get, they were either older than me, for the most part, or way younger.

    I am embarrassed, though, that I didn’t get “That’ll be the day.” I saw that “turtle” in there and it completely threw me. Which isn’t entirely fair, as the word is a hyphenate: turtle-dovin’. You use hyphenates elsewhere, don’t you?

    @kerewin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qq_h4ZVxTE — as soon as you hear it you’ll know it. One of the most famous guitar riffs in music history!

    But again–awesome quiz. A real reminder of how so many of these songs are the backdrop of our individual lies.

  10. i agree about the “teen spirit” lyrics… nirvana actually wrote words for that? i thought it was just a bunch of mumbling. ditto for “louie louie”

  11. I also was wondering what other people’s scores were, so I’ll submit that I got 19/50. I was definitely better towards the end, but there were at least half a dozen songs that I wasn’t familiar with–I’ve heard OF them but not necessarily HEARD them.

    That was so much fun, though, and great selection!

  12. 26/50 here. And only one typo found. In #43, “darlingcan” is one of the listed words. Should be two words; darling, can.

    Interestingly, I got most of the older songs, and few of the newers ones. I’m 27 yrs old.

  13. Teen Spirit was easy. What other song has ‘mosquito’ and ‘libido’? Jump, on the other hand, was almost impossible for me. But the Van Halen fan at work got it in about a second and a half.

  14. Don’t forget Macca’s classic: and bye do don’t go good goodbye hello high I know low no oh say stop why yes you

  15. 16.

    Mitigating circumstance: I am not a native speaker; I usually have to actively listen in order to hear anything apart from the chorus.

    To me, it was really a question of unusual words – “wallow”, “trenchtown”, “congressman”.

    That’s why I secon Jeremy: “mosquito” plus “libido” plus “albino” makes it unique.

  16. jb, you inspired me to find a shorter list. Try this:

    bad driving heavy i it’s mad me she’s so want you

    Can anyone do better?

  17. “All Along the Watchtower” is a Bob Dylan song, though Hendrix’s version is more memorable.

    Scaramouche… now what song was that in?

  18. Actually there are quite a few other words in Revolution 9, but I like “tequila”.

    I also thought of:

    ha out wipe.

  19. That was great! Sometimes you can just hear the song as you read them and others you are clueless even though it was something I KNEW well! Thanks!

  20. I got 26 out of 50. There were a couple songs I’d never heard of, but I was at least vaguely familiar with most. If it weren’t for my parents listening to oldies when I was a child, I’d surely have failed miserably.

  21. i posted a link to this on my blog & my friend saw it & sent it to Popcandy & they posted it this week! just thought you’d want to know.

  22. Very cool idea. It’s amazing how few words a song can have and still be a classic. One nitpick, though: I think you are missing a “blue” in number 27.

  23. 38 out of 50. surprised that there were songs i flat out did not know, like the elton john one. but some of them were nearly instant. “mosquito,” “libido,” etc., and “hedgerow” and “bustle,” for example. fun quiz!

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