Those of you who have commented on my “humor” posts and urged me to “keep my day job” will be pleased to know that I have taken your advice.

And if you’ve ever wondered what that day job entails, you can find out here.


  1. nice sunglasses!

  2. I enjoy the humor, I hope you can keep doing both.

  3. Whoa, crazy to realize the blogger you’ve been reading for some time is not only in your home town but in your home company, or something.

  4. Weird, I had no idea you were fellow Borg. For what it’s worth, your blog won my heart when you were talking about the World Cup as a contest between two teams of the world’s most incompetent Jedi.

  5. “Interoperate” is my new favorite word.

  6. Your blog is awesome, please keep writing.

  7. +1 Louis … we should start a defective Yeti DL or something … won’t that make matt mad!!

  8. damn you … I will have to subscribe to twittr cos of you

  9. Matt, thanks for being so obliging when I asked you to put on my sunglasses. I think they positively SCREAM “foxy grandma,” myself.

  10. Another ‘serf here. Weird to think that a blogger I’ve been reading for years works for the same company, albeit in a different country…

  11. Aside from the Y-chromosome, I have almost nothing in common with you. However, I do enjoy your writing, so please keep it up.

  12. Well, I can’t speak to your day job’s skills, but as a blogger you rock. Keep those posts coming!

  13. Lovin’ the humor, personally. It’s why I keep tuning in.

  14. All these years that I’ve been reading your blog, never once did I imagine you working for ‘them’. I always figured you were an underground Linux junky, submitting open-source updates to successive versions of Ubuntu.