Democratic Convention Liveblogging: Hillary Clinton

Typo week continues here at dy, as I liveblog Hillary Clinton’s speech.

6:55: Hmm, Mark Warner is still speaking. He just told a convoluted story that ended with “and that’s how I wound up at the gymnasium of a high school.” Right. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that you keep getting older, but they stay the saaaaame age.

6:59: And so ends the keynote speech. Four years ago, right at this moment, I was shouting at the television, “Holy shit dude, you’re gonna be President some day!”

7:00: By the way, some funnyguy-and/or-gal at Slate is also liveblogging the convention at Go check it out, or just keep refreshing my site–I’m gonna steal all the good jokes from there anyhow.

7:05: They are interviewing Michelle Obama now. She seems a little confused. They keep asking asking her, “what were you trying to do in your speech last night?’ and she’s, all, “I thought I covered that ground … in the speech … last night …”

7:12: Michelle says that one of the things her husband will do as President is “touch people”.
Funny, Hillary said the same thing in 1992 …

7:14: WTF, I thought Hillary was on at 7:00. No? Well, she better not come on in the next 40 minutes, because now I’m a-gonna watch this episode of Prison Break.

7:25: Okay, so see this guy is a structural engineer, and he purposely got himself locked into prison because brother, who’s on death row, was framed for– maybe I should stop liveblogging now.

7:30: Switching back and forth between Prison Break and the convention. They are starting to blur together. Except at the convention we’re not trying to get out of jail, we are trying to get out of Republican rule. And instead of looking at ripped young men in undershirts, we get to see David Brooks.

7:34: Oh, here we go: Hillary Clinton pre-speech video biography. They just showed a picture of Bill with the caption “Hillary’s Husband”

7:40: Holy smokes, I bet the Clintons went another $12m is debt making that tribute to themselves.

7:41: Hillary looks fabulous. Independent corroboration: Bill is leering at his own wife.

7:43: Affirmed her support for Obama in the first sentence. And the second. And the third. This is going to be a full-throated endorsement of unity.

7:45: Whoa, they just showed Michelle and she was either choked up with emotion or giving Hillary the hairy eyeball. GO BACK I WANT TO KNOW WHICH!!

7:48: A big shout-out to my homie autism. WOOOHOO!

7:50: LOL’d at “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits”

7:52: ZZZzzzzzzzz laundry list of Bush bad, my campaign good.

7:55: Beginning to think she’s going to accept the nomination at the end of this speech.

7:56: Okay, here we go. Making a strong case of Barack. Although when she said, “It won’t be easy” I thought for a moment she was going to finish with, “supporting Obama.”

7:58: Michelle is still making that face. You can tell that the networks aren’t sure what it means either, because as soon as they cut to her they cut away as quickly as possible.

8:00: Dude, McCain just got brutalized.

8:03: They’ve given up on Michelle. Now they are just cutting to Chelsea.

8:05: I don’t really understand where that the Harriet Tubman digression came from, but the audience lapped it up.

8:06: Conservative spin tomorrow, today: Speech didn’t end with “God bless America” and is therefore invalid in the continental US.

Very nice speech. Very, very nice, I’m really impressed. She spoke about herself a fair amount as was her right, but her challenge to her supporters–were you voting for me, or were you voting for the best possible future for America?–is an almost irrefutable argument in favor of Obama.

Hillary is going to get rave reviews for this speech, as well she should.

9 thoughts on “Democratic Convention Liveblogging: Hillary Clinton

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love Keith Olbermann, but, damn, you should not have an op-ed person doing coverage. Shit, he sounds like he wants to have Hillary’s baby.

  2. And then CNN had to go and rain on the unity parade by conducting an interminable post-speech interview with a teary-eyed Hillary supporter who, when asked if she would now vote for Obama, said, “That was a presidential speech, and you know it. Barack has two months. There’s no way I’m voting for McCain, but experience speaks to me. Would you hire a Harvard graduate fresh out of school to be the CEO of your company?” Maybe Wentworth Miller isn’t the only one who needs a roadmap to freedom tattooed to their torso.

  3. Jesus, these Clintonistas. Is this the first time a candidate they ever supported didn’t win?

    You know what REALLY sucked? Waking up the day after Election Day 2004 realizing we had another 4 years of Bush. THAT really sucked.

    And Obama is 47 years old. He’s not FRESH out of Harvard.

  4. “Jesus, these Clintonistas. Is this the first time a candidate they ever supported didn’t win?”

    Perhaps… We can’t disprove it by the Clintons’ support of Gore or Kerry. Perhaps their hardcore acolytes have been practicing the “four years from now, if things go our way, Hillary can run for President” strategy that the MSNBC set keeps ramming down everyone’s throat. What amuses me is that Hillary seems to get it more than Bill or any of her other supporters…

  5. “Jesus, these Clintonistas. Is this the first time a candidate they ever supported didn’t win?”

    You’ve almost got that right… actually, it’s the first time there’s ever been a candidate I supported.

    Oh, I’ve always voted Democrat – I’ve dutifully voted for whoever the party put up there. This is the first time I cared – and I’m 47. I had completely given up on having a candidate I actually had any faith in.

    Guess this “Clintonista” will just go back to apathy. If I show disappointment, it will just be ascribed to my being an overly emotional woman.

  6. Diane,

    I’m curious: What about this particular candidate caused you to have faith? Or to ask the question another way, what about this candidate struck you as different from candidates past?

  7. Great post. The Harriet Tubman moment was the only part where I went, wait, what?

    Mostly I was hoping that her speech would end the media obsession with the “sore loser” story or the “angry Clintonistas” story. We’ll see.

    And yeah, I thought she laid it out pretty clearly to the folks who say they’re voting for McC.

  8. Ondioline –

    I don’t know that this is the time or place for me to make my case for my candidate… so my short answer is that although I will vote for Obama, I don’t have any sense that we really know what his positions are (other than that he’s a democrat) or that he will stick with them. “Change” and “Hope” are too nebulous for me, cynic that I am.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word “faith” in my comment. It would probably have been more accurate for me to say that I have a strong positive impression of Clinton, and it was quite an unusual sensation for me to actually like and admire a politician.

  9. Thanks for the minute-to-minute coverage. The speeches were interesting on their own, but your filter makes them just plain entertaining. I especially enjoyed the coverage on Michelle Obama’s commentary (about her speech the night before) and her puzzling facial expressions. It’s good that you stick to the serious stuff:)

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