The Bad Review Revue

College: “The film hasn’t been made so much as excreted. ” — Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE

Disaster Movie: “This carpet-fouling mongrel of a movie no more deserves release than do anthrax spores.” — Jim Ridley, LA WEEKLY

Babylon A.D.: “An abysmal French thriller in which everyone speaks as if they’ve learned their lines phonetically.” — Elizabeth Weitzman

Righteous Kill: “A cop flick with all the drama of Law and Order: AARP.” — Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Space Chimps: “Sucks a whole lot of talented people into a wormhole of lousy.” — Michael Phillips, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: “A continuation of Lucas’ experiments to see how much shit his dwindling supporters will take before finally saying ‘enough’ and moving on to adult pursuits.” — Pete Vonder Haar, FILM THREAT