The Bad Review Revue

An America Carol: “About as not-funny as a comedy can get.” — Steven Rea, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

The Women: “It’s not every movie that makes you wish Vin Diesel would run in and start blowing up stuff … ” — Rene Rodriguez, MIAMI HERALD

My Best Friend’s Girl: “An ugly, strictly-for-meatheads comedy that can only be recommended to couples who wear matching Tie Domi Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys out on a date.” Stephen Cole, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Saw V: “It’s not a good sign when watching someone stick their hand into a table saw is easier than listening to them recite dialogue.” — Sam Adams, LOS ANGELES TIMES

Eagle Eye: “Forget suspending disbelief; you would have to suspend consciousness to go along with this story.” — Tom Maurstad

Fly Me To the Moon: “Makes South Park look like Fantasia. — Rafer Guzman, NEWSDAY