The Secret

Me: Hey, it’s February 17th

The Queen: And?

Me: And it’s our wedding anniversary.

The Queen: Oops.

You know, I’m just going to assume that the “Oops” was in reference to her forgetting the date and not to her original decision to get hitched.

In fact, I strongly suspect that such assumptions are how we’re remained together for eight years.

12 thoughts on “The Secret

  1. I think that lots of relationships that succeed make such assumptions often. My husband’s phrase is “that sounds like me” when I make the wrong, negative, … assumption. Oh. Yeah. Right.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. What a modern couple you are. Fifty years ago, that conversation would only have taken place with the gender roles reversed. And of course the man would have PAID dearly for forgetting their anniversary.

  3. This made me smile in a big way. In my relationship, I’m the one who accurately remembers the anniversary dates while my wife does not remember them at all. Most recent example: Took my wife to breakfast recently. She was heading out of town that day to help celebrate her mom’s 60th birthday. While we’re waiting at the Maltby Cafe for a table, my wife says “I just realized that it’s Valentine’s Day.” Me: “Didn’t you notice the flowers on the table?” Her: “Yea, but it didn’t occur to me. I just thought you were being nice.” Me: “I was. But perhaps I should have left this card on the table next to it.” Her: “I didn’t get you anything.” Me, after a kiss, “You’re coming to breakfast with me, aren’t you?”

  4. V day. Oh Sh!t. That’s Feb 14th/Feb 16th? Something like that. *Picture me bashing my head against the wall*. Well… that expains the chocolates and the flowers…
    Ooops. Sorry honey.

  5. My wife hates hates hates the V day. Doesn’t do much for me, either. It’s so nice not freaking out over some calendar day.

    If V day, or X-mas, or Turkey Day are fun, then they’re fun. But if they’re a pain in the ass, then it’s time to ignore them and go play Warcraft or something.

  6. There’s a reason I got the date engraved inside my wedding band.

    I started off well in my wifely role by forgetting it was my husband’s birthday while we were still on our honeymoon. (In my defense, he forgot, too — we noticed days later, when we realized hey, today’s date is later than your birthday, which we didn’t celebrate!) On this same trip, waiters kept offering us separate checks.

  7. God it’s awesome to be married to someone so that when I say “it’s our anniversary/my birthday/your birthday/Valentine’s day” etc. he is like “really?”

    And we are like “Happy Anniversary!” And then we kind of forget about it.

    Seriously, the time and money saved on mutually agreeing to be horrible flakes. I think we remembered our anniversary one time–I think it was year two. And then that’s pretty much it.

    But we really love each other, I swear, we are madly in love…We love each other enough to…uh…never celebrate any occasion together in the normal way.

  8. Happy 8th anniversary, belatedly! I can’t remember dates worth a damn. I know my birthday by heart, but anything other than that is touch and go. My phone will remind me of important dates, which I will remember for a few minutes after the reminder, and then promptly forget again. I feel bad for not having gotten anything for my husband for anything for the last couple year’s worth of Important Dates, but I do give him snuggles every single morning. That’s gotta count for something, right??

  9. Lung the Younger: 50 years ago? Pshhh. Open the comics page, these stereotypes are still alive and well. On the other hand, almost everything on the comics page appears to have been written about 50 years ago, so… okay, I’ll go with Rob: sitcoms still recycle this joke time over time.

    ‘Oh, the men! They forget the anniversaries! And the women are bitchy about it! HAHAHA BARF’

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