Confidental to My Three Remaining Readers

Not a whole lot of activity, here at the yeti. Still, I’m keepin’ myself busy:

  • I was quoted in a Washington Post article entitled Forget Germs. The Real Contagion Is Our Paranoia. I have a brief bit in the final few paragraphs. Man, I gave that reporter lots of good material–I wonder why she didn’t use it. Possibly because I confused her paper with the Wall Street Journal and asked if I should send a headshot for the stipple portraitist. (True story.)
  • I am providing color commentary for Friday’s Layer Tennis match. This will be my third time in the lime-green sportjacket–the previous two installments are here and yonder.
  • Tomorrow, in this very space, I’ll be posting something I recently wrote of which I am kinda proud. Stay Tuned!

18 thoughts on “Confidental to My Three Remaining Readers

  1. Hey, I know the gal that wrote that Washington Post piece! She was our college valedictorian. Nice gal. And nice quote, haha. :)

  2. Just in case you need a fourth comment to make sure you still have more than three readers. Same as RL.

  3. Count me in, too. I follow through GoogleReader so I don’t comment, but I look forward to every time a (1) pops up next to “Defective Yeti”. And jumping ahead to tomorrow’s post, your “Office” script is REALLY funny. And dead-on.

  4. 5 readers! RSS and iGoogle save your ass, my friend. Otherwise I might have given up on you by now.

  5. The news drives the paranoia because the paranoia coverage brings hits, viewers etc for the news source, which results in revenue. Happy news brings no money.

    It’s interesting that there’s a flu outbreak that kills some people and we all freak out, buy hand sanitizer and face masks, but HIV/AIDS has killed so many people and people still refuse to use condoms.

  6. I had hoped to write “Third!” on my comment, thereby closing out the thread. I guess your counting was inaccurate.

    Watch on RSS, miss the regular updates, like the word stipple.

  7. I’ll bet there are folks like me who’ve been biding their time for years to come up with just the right comment. This isn’t it, but I do like to read your blog. Am I the only one who types out the URL the old-fashioned way?

  8. I’m such a fan I still check DY *without* an RSS feed. And no, I am not related to you; we don’t know each other, but you make me laugh.

  9. “As swine flu began to spread around the world last week, prompting the World Health Organisation to declare that a pandemic looks imminent, a second virus has followed inexorably in its wake. Its symptoms are angry claims that the threat is illusory and overhyped, and it has infected plenty of people who ought to know better…

    Most health scares are indeed groundless, and some, such as MMR, have caused grave damage to public health. Swine flu, however, is not one of them. It is a threat that must be taken extremely seriously, even if the death toll does not rise sharply in the next few weeks.”

  10. I was really excited when I got to the widget at the bottom of that WaPo story and it said “Learn more about Matthew Baldwin”. Unfortunately I did not learn much.

  11. More than three. And I still check in manually every few days, don’t know if that counts for anything. Maybe that’s creepy. Maybe I should be using some kind of reader. I’m not stalking you, I’m just afraid of additional technology. I swear I’m not stalking you. Anymore.

  12. i stumbled across this blog a few years ago at work, where i was very bored and subsequently read all of your posts in that same week. This place is brilliant! i tell people all the time about ‘this blog i read, defective yeti'(i think they all think it’s star wars or something..). and then to think, years later, you write the most awesome script for my favorite show. this has been a very great relationship. a bit one sided, yes.. but those are the best anyway. thank you!

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