Bailin’ Palin

I love that Sarah Palin peppered her resignation speech with applause lines:

If I have learned one thing: LIFE is about choices!

And one chooses how to react to circumstances. You can choose to engage in things that tear down, or build up. I choose to work very hard on a path for fruitfulness and productivity. I choose NOT to tear down and waste precious time; but to build UP this state and our country, and her industrious, generous, patriotic, free people!

It’s the feel-good quit of the summer!

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  1. Life is about choices! The choice to take choices away from other people! And that is not a choice! Because God has told me that I must choose to make that choice! A choice for other people to choose to take that choice!

  2. Sarah Palin –She’s so against substance abuse that she refuses to put any into her speeches.

  3. She sounds as lame as the father of three who leaves his wife and kids so he can go be “authentic.”

  4. We should start a pool on who will be the next Republican involved in a scandal. Better than a dead pool.

  5. Thank god we’ve finally got actors going into politics, i.e. Reagan, Schwartzenegger, Fred Thompson, Al Frankin, etc. They can handle the media attention unlike these “non-acting” politicians who are stepping down under the weight of it all.

  6. Something is very WRONG with your site. A redesign? Why not, but…. all the postings are from 2007 exept this one?

  7. oooooooooooooooooh, so you were holding a blogging strike until Palin quit. Brilliant! Although, a bit painful for us jittery, sweaty, yetiholics.

  8. Brian–

    Interesting article, though I hardly see how that means she’s getting a raw deal. She was in over her head, and lacked the ability to overcome the obstacles that (predictably) were in her path. It doesn’t make me feel sorry for her just because she failed. While I appreciate the fact that she aimed high, part of setting personal goals is being realistic. Vice President is clearly unrealistic for her. I am surprised she made it as far as she did!

  9. First, this isn’t the first job Palin up and quit after a short stint because something higher was more appealing.

    Second, she was given no raw deal. Citizens Outside (which is what Alaskans call the rest of the country) do not know the half of it when it comes to how Sarah and Todd Palin run business. One would think they are in high school, and she had no business running with McCain because she knew Nothing about the world outside of Alaska. She’s not intellectual so she never had the intellectual’s curiosity, just like George W never did. Since her only experience was brief and she treats city and state government like she is the prom queen everyone must obey or else (the Palins are much too thin skinned to be in politics), McCain was horrendously irresponsible but Palin is an adult and she chose to go for it.

    Why? Because Franklin Graham and that big fundamentalist organization out of Texas have convinced her she is going to be in the white house, just like they did George W.

    Palin still intends to run for a stint at the White House. The God Squad here in Alaska, the south, Texas are convinced God intends to put her there so they can save all of us from ourselves.

    The way I see it, they decided she can build a bigger base of supporters out of office, because out of office she will not be beleaguered by ethics complaints, her regulations breaking, and continual fights with other Alaskans. She burned most of her bridges with public officials up here during the McCain campaign because she let the McCain camp do a lot of damage up here, and she betrayed past supporters (she’d run for governor Supporting the so-called Bridge to Nowhere, as just one example). By the time she returned, it wasn’t only Obama supporters against her, but Alaskans from numerous camps, including past supporters. Therefore, the next 19 months would have held ongoing bad press for her.

    My take is that Franklin Graham and his cohorts on the God Squad are supporting her economically to start touring the country pounding the anti-everything bigot drum beat just as Anita Bryant and Phyllis Schlaffley did before her. Unlike now, they could never have run for the white house because the country was not ready to vote for a woman, but now we are. After Palin builds a big base of supporters, creates the image of a leader by being in the public eye constantly without the close examination elected leaders in office get, they will run her for the white house. It could be the next election since they pulled her out of her job with 19 months left-it looks like they wanted to get the ball rolling. If not the next one, then I predict, barring her doing something so stupid that even their packaging of her and marketing campaign won’t succeed, then they will run her in the one after that.

  10. Bmialone – you had me going for a while, but your Bridge to Nowhere comment reveals a willingness to skim over the details that don’t support your case.

    That story always struck me as strange, so during the campaign, I did some research. What I found (documented here) paints a much more subtle picture than the “she was for it before she was against it” tale the Democrats tried to tell.

    Seeing as how you lived through it and I didn’t though, I’d be happy to hear what, if anything, I got wrong in my analysis.

  11. Sorry, Brian, I just saw your reply. I read your source and it isn’t wrong about Democrats and Republicans wanting to overgeneralize or people wanting to believe certain things, because that is true of people everywhere. However, the author does not understand the complexities of the relationships up here and just how small the population is, thus, how intimate are the relationships between those in positions of power/authority/wealth/influence. (For the record, I am not a Democrat but an independent-which is “undeclared” in AK as the Independents here are the secessionists. Todd Palin used to belong to the Alaska Independent party but isn’t any longer)

    What most people Outside do not know is that before she was tapped to run with McCain, Palin was more popular with our Democratic legislators than she was with the Republican legislators. Here’s why: Senator Stevens, Frank Murkowski, and the local fundamentalist Christian powerhouses (Wasilla Pentecosts, and Alaska Baptists currently headed by Baptist Pastor Jerry Prevo, a lapdog of Franklin Graham) threw their weight behind Sarah Palin to get her elected Mayor of Wasilla, although it is supposed to be a nonpartisan position. Stevens and the state Republican party paid for and ran an ad campaign supporting her and she ran on state and national issues like abortion and gun control instead of just local Wasilla issues. Especially since Stevens is like a God up here, she handily won.

    Later, Senator Murkowski became Governor Murkowski and Palin expected him to appoint her to take his place in the senate. He didn’t and she was miffed. (She and Senator Linda Murkowski are not buddies by any means) As compensation to ease her disappointment, Governor Murkowski appointed Palin to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Committee. Palin had no energy qualifications and she did very little except use it as an opportunity to start building her reputation as an ethics reformer. She made a splash by creating drama, filed ethics complaints against two bigwig Republicans on the committee, and then quit “in protest” after having served on the committee for only about a year.

    In 2006 she parlayed her new reputation into a run for Governor, contrasting herself with unethical Murkowski and saying things about Stevens too as he was under investigation at the time. Going up against Murkowski was a slam dunk for any candidate because he was despised in Alaska by then. Stevens was still beloved but the FBI investigation opened the door for her to mine for independents, moderate Democrats, and disenchanted Alaskans embarrassed by all the negative news about corrupt politicians in Alaska. Her campaign speeches and interviews left local Republican legislators who had helped her establish a political career feeling betrayed.

    Once she won the Governor’s race, Palin worked well with the Democrats and that alienated Republican state legislators even more. Also, she spent very little time in Juneau, our capital, so legislators, especially those in her own party, said she “governed by Blackberry” and did not make herself available. In addition to her scamming the state for extra $$ to pad her paychecks, she launched a major remodel of the Governor’s mansion because she said it wasn’t suitable for a family with children, but then she was almost never in it and then left office with at least 15 months left in her term. (I don’t even know who much we spent on the remodel.)

    When Plain did stand up to the oil companies (and to her credit, she did) she took a new tax plan to our legislature, but the Democrats showed her their plan that they’d tried to get the Republicans to sign on to for ten years; but as dutiful serfs to the oil companies the Republicans had always buried it. Palin agreed their plan was even better than hers and together she and the Democrats got it pushed through. The state of Alaska made much more in oil taxes and we Alaskans received the largest PFD checks, ever, from the windfall tax on the oil companies.

    Sadly, the Democratic legislator Most vilified by the McCain campaign and Meghan Stapleton during the presidential race was Senator Hollis French. Senator had been, Palin’s most steadfast ally in getting her agendas through. Ms. Stapleton, drippeing with disdain for Alaska and Alaskans during the presidential race, was vicious and inaccurate in her attacks on the Democrats up here, most especially Sen. French, but she is still Palin’s spokeswoman.

    I’ve seen the news video of Palin supporting the bridge to nowhere, so it isn’t true that what she said was less direct. She campaigned on it, along with ethics reform, and education (for which she did little, and we have the highest dropout rate in the country).

    As your source pointed out, it wasn’t really a bridge to nowhere. What he doesn’t say in his post is that the bridge was promoted and supported by local developers because the Anchorage bowl is pretty much full and the bridge would have opened up land for development by making it more accessible. That’s a valid position worth examination and debate, not just a silly boondoggle. And in one of her speeches that I watched on TV, Palin emphatically defended the supporters of the bridge, included herself among them, and expressed resentment at their being painted as merely federal money grubbers when it was a valid, useful project.

    It was after she became Governor and the project was pretty much dead in the water because it had become (unfairly) a national joke that she backed away from it. McCain had been scathingly critical of it before he was even in the presidential race, so when Palin smirked derisively about it and claimed she’d been against it, it really angered a lot of Alaskans who knew what had really happened. They felt betrayed that she joined in on the mocking rather than defending them.

    Brian, I am not willing “to skim over details to support” my “case,” but look very closely at true details. There are many more beyond what I have posted here.

    Also, I respected Palin’s working across the aisle for the benefit of our state, and for standing firm against the heavy handed tactics of the oil companies who’ve turned Alaskans into a colonized people. Unfortunately, the day Palin was tapped to run for Vice President, she did an about face. Truth ceased to matter, her promise to be transparent went straight out the window, and she no longer had any interest in our state, our people, or her responsibilities as Governor. She allowed the McCain campaign to lie about what took place that led up to the ethics investigation against her and who was really behind it. She allowed the McCain campaign to wreak havoc in Alaska, so much so that both Republicans and Democrats were bitter.

    We basically didn’t have a Governor again until she resigned and Governor Parnell took over. While Governor, she behaved unethically numerous times, her husband did as well plus bullied a variety of people up here, and they behaved as I described in my last comments.

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