Most Popular Halloween Costume 2009

Ya heard it here first:

Oh shut up, you so totally know I’m right. This is going to be so big it’ll be like the love child of the Joker and Palin costumes from 2008. Small groups of dedicated but tasteless college students are even now rehearsing their choreographed Thriller dance.

12 thoughts on “Most Popular Halloween Costume 2009

  1. You may be right, but I figure this will have all blown over and the world moved on to the next shiny object long before Halloween rolls around. Of course, it is already July, but I still say that it will be old news by then. Then again maybe you were just joking and I am missing the point… always a possibility with me.

  2. Oh, one of the few publicly available pictures of Michael Jackson without makeup!

  3. I think your prediction will play out well. But I have a feeling we may see more Billy Mays than MJs.

  4. That zombie mask STILL looks more black than Michael Jackson did by the time he’d made it through the mid-’90s.

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