Spaceships Passing in the Night

Happy anniversary of our nation’s greatest one night stand. We walked all over her 40 years ago, and now we can’t even be bothered to call.


  1. I did tell the moon, I said ‘Don’t give in and let those NASA astronauts land on you or they’ll just walk all over you’ I said. But did she listen?
    Personally I blame it on the boogie.

  2. You can’t really blame us. After all, the moon is a harsh mistress.

  3. And here comes LCROSS. We’re showing up forty years later to punch her in the face.

  4. NICE Reference, Abbot.
    Long live the Luna Revolution!

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    ME; What do I want to do with my Electrical Engineering degree? I like solving problems, but I definitely don’t want to dope silicon or anything like that.

    RECRUITER FOR TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: Well, that’s pretty much what we do.

  7. Great comic – move over Charles Schulz! (Yes, I know he’s dead.) Maybe Snoopy and one of your stick men could quaff some root beers together.

  8. One night stand? Not exactly. There were multiple manned moon landings. The other ones just don’t get as much press.

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