Adventure Capital

Here’s a thing I wrote for The Morning News: Adventure Capital.

Wholly unrelated: go listen to the audio clips here. A little additional context: Dave Niehaus is a loooongtime Seattle Mariners commentator; Mike Blowers is a former third baseman who recently joined the broadcasting team. Rounding out the commentation trio is Rick Rizzs.

Matt Tuiasosopo was called up from the minors a few weeks back. He’d been in the Mariner’s rotation, but hadn’t yet hit a home run.

In the first clip, Niehaus is speaking with Blowers; in the second, Niehaus is calling the play while Rizzs adds his own audio commentary in the form of amazed gasps and unrestrained laughter.


  1. I bet he went home, heated some water in the microwave, and it exploded.

  2. Is there a NaNoReMo event this year? Or is everyone still working on Infinite Jest?

  3. how did that MJ costume prediction pan out? i didn’t see anything, but that doesn’t mean anything considering all the moms, and accompanying hand-made costumes, I know.

  4. Has Facebook destroyed yet another favorite blog? Or am I just projecting here? At least let all of us lurkers become your Facebook friends if you’re going to disappear on us.

  5. Also: Did you ever do an actual write up on Agricola?

  6. Oh, man, thanks for the link to those clips, that was awesome! I didn’t watch much baseball this season, it was great to hear their voices.

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