Adventure Capital

Here’s a thing I wrote for The Morning News: Adventure Capital.

Wholly unrelated: go listen to the audio clips here. A little additional context: Dave Niehaus is a loooongtime Seattle Mariners commentator; Mike Blowers is a former third baseman who recently joined the broadcasting team. Rounding out the commentation trio is Rick Rizzs.

Matt Tuiasosopo was called up from the minors a few weeks back. He’d been in the Mariner’s rotation, but hadn’t yet hit a home run.

In the first clip, Niehaus is speaking with Blowers; in the second, Niehaus is calling the play while Rizzs adds his own audio commentary in the form of amazed gasps and unrestrained laughter.

6 thoughts on “Adventure Capital

  1. how did that MJ costume prediction pan out? i didn’t see anything, but that doesn’t mean anything considering all the moms, and accompanying hand-made costumes, I know.

  2. Has Facebook destroyed yet another favorite blog? Or am I just projecting here? At least let all of us lurkers become your Facebook friends if you’re going to disappear on us.

  3. Oh, man, thanks for the link to those clips, that was awesome! I didn’t watch much baseball this season, it was great to hear their voices.

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