The Bad Review Revue

Saw VI: “Could well be called Saw It Already.” — Rob Nelson, VARIETY

All About Steve: “Easily the worst movie of the week, month, year, and Bullock‚Äôs entire career. It is to comedy what leprosy once was to the island of Molokai: a plague best contemplated from many miles away.” — Ty Burr, BOSTON GLOBE.

Whiteout: “So staggeringly bad that it achieves a kind of transcendent poetry. It’s ignorant of how things are in the real world, of what makes a thriller a thriller, of why people seek out entertainment.” — Dan Zak, WASHINGTON POST

Amelia: “Leaves the odd impression of being merely a very long trailer for a film you’d actually love to see.” — Mary F. Pols, TIME MAGAZINE (On the same day, David Edelstein of New York Magazine called Amelia “So glancing and superficial that the movie … goes by like coming attractions.”)

Couples Retreat: “Couples, retreat.” — Rick Groen, THE GLOBE AND MAIL


  1. There is an art to the bad review. Apparently more art than is found in some of these movies.

  2. It must be liberating to have a job that encourages the absence of tactful censoring. Loved these.

  3. Or even better: “Saw It Already!” since the movie sounds like it was about two hours too long.

  4. Keep an eye out for The Vintner’s Luck – being slaughtered in reviews here in NZ so there should be some comedic potential.

    “…the butchering of Elizabeth Knox’s novel will bother you only if you’ve read it.”

    “Several people … came out of screenings feeling no worse than you might after a two-hour airport delay.”

    (NZ Listener, Nov 14 2009)

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