9 thoughts on “The 2009 Good Gift Games Guide

  1. BRING BACK INFINITE SUMMER!! Tell us what’s happening! Don’t make me start stalking you…

  2. SERIOUSLY OFF TOPIC! And yet I couldn’t agree more – I need someone to tell me how to read!!!! 2666 is moldering on the shelf waiting for January – but WHAT am I supposed to be doing NOW????

  3. Is anyone aware of a great dvd-based game? I’m looking for a game that can be played by a mixed crowd (age, experience etc.) on New Year’s Eve.


  4. I watched the space… no honorable mentions. Sigh.

    I like your recommendations, and have ordered Tobago – looks fun. I played Fits recently – great adaptation of Tetris!

  5. I’ve been watching this space as well. We’re going to get Dixit. I’m hoping one of the Death Panels didn’t get you.

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