The 2009 Good Gift Games Guide

The 2009 Good Gift Games Guide appears in The Morning News today.

Watch this space–by day’s end I will post the 10 honorable mentions, as well as provide additional information to help you make your choices. In the meantime, you can peruse the GGGG archive here, and see the all-time top 10 at


  1. BRING BACK INFINITE SUMMER!! Tell us what’s happening! Don’t make me start stalking you…

  2. SERIOUSLY OFF TOPIC! And yet I couldn’t agree more – I need someone to tell me how to read!!!! 2666 is moldering on the shelf waiting for January – but WHAT am I supposed to be doing NOW????

  3. Oh game night, how I miss thee.

  4. Slightly more on topic: where are the 10 honorable mentions? I’m on the edge of my seat!

  5. Is anyone aware of a great dvd-based game? I’m looking for a game that can be played by a mixed crowd (age, experience etc.) on New Year’s Eve.


  6. I watched the space… no honorable mentions. Sigh.

    I like your recommendations, and have ordered Tobago – looks fun. I played Fits recently – great adaptation of Tetris!

  7. I’ve been watching this space as well. We’re going to get Dixit. I’m hoping one of the Death Panels didn’t get you.

  8. Maybe he got so wrapped up in playing the games that he didn’t have a chance to post any…

  9. Thanks for the guide. But your GGG main page doesn’t list the guides for 2008 and 2009?

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