4 thoughts on “2009 Holiday Survival Guide for Slackers

  1. Salatschleuder is a salad tosser. Its used to dry the salad after youve washed it. This bag-like-thing is a foldable (“zusammengefaltet”) salad tosser.
    Just in case you were wondering :-)

  2. I have a friend who owns a hobby store in Wilsonville, OR that sells games, and I help him out during the holidays as a “game guru” for customers who can use that sort of help. I had at least three people who came in with this list, and although they didn’t mention it specifically, I asked it if was your list and was right every time. Freaky-deaky, man.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, especially during the after holiday relief and reflection.

    Though, I must point out that scratchers can only be purchased with cash and not a debit card.

    Thank you for the laughs!

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