The Point is Prob’ly Moot

I’m not sure who should be more embarrassed in this scenario: the auto mechanic for leaving the car stereo set to “Warm 106.9” when returning my Corolla, or me for listening to the station on the drive home and, upon hearing “Jessie’s Girl” classified as a “Soft Favorite”, exclaiming “that’s fucking BULLSHIT!!

8 thoughts on “The Point is Prob’ly Moot

  1. Semi-Related: Normally listening to NPR or KEXP, I occasionally get bored and surf the dial and have on occasion landed on a commercial radio station, listened to one song and then 3 minutes of commercials before I realize that I’m now listening to commercials (and have listened for at least 3 or 4 of the bastards), swearing, and continuing to scan for actual music.

  2. How long were they test-driving your car for the mechanic to think, “I need some tunes for this ride”? The only station he should be listening to is one playing sounds of cars with problems, followed by commercials where his manager is screaming, “Get back to work, get back to work.”

  3. Ya’ gotta love a hit song that contains the word, “moot.” I was embarrassed a few years ago when “Jesse’s Girl” came on as telephone hold music and, not only did I know every single word, I was sad when the operator took me off hold and I didn’t get to hear the end of the song. Luckily, she didn’t hear me singing.

  4. Marginally related: my supermarket plays a mix of “adult contempo” and lately what passes as MOR is Wilco, Neko Case, and Rufus Wainwright. Those artists are on my iPod!

  5. There was a Doonesbury cartoon several years ago in which Mike is washing dishes and listening to the radio and the announcer says, “Coming up, our station identification, turn it down if you can’t handle it!”

    Mike looks at the radio with his hands in the dishwater.

    “This is WSNW, oldies 105!”

    Mike, crestfallen: “Darn, I thought I was rocking!”

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