1. LOL! Looks like something I’d post in relation to Chuck’s cat, Samson.

  2. Ha haha! Looks like M. Night is putting up flyers.

  3. You really had me worried, I’m glad it was just car keys. By the way, let me know if you find the keys I lost 25 years ago when your cousin as a toddler was the last one to have them in her possession.

  4. Like this, but opposite:

  5. […] Wish I’d Thought of It 2010 March 5 by bschlog Simple, and simply brilliant: REWARD. […]

  6. ROTFLOL… I have a cat like that… actually, I have 4 cats like that.

    I wouldn’t give any of them away for nothin’.

    I might sell them, though. ;)

  7. Brilliant -love it.

  8. I’ve got a cat like that. And I lose keys on a regular basis. I’m sure that cat hides them.

  9. OMG pooor kitty. But I really understand the owner. Hi.hiii creative!

  10. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! Eddie must be my two cats’ long lost sibling…

  11. I am sorry to tell you that Eddie was eaten by my dog :)

  12. Damn, that looks (and sounds) a lot like The Pig

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