Vending Spree

I am consuming and reviewing every item in my office vending machine.


  1. My 7 year old daughter calls is the “fending machine.” as in “fend for yourself.”

  2. While I appreciate the new content, I find it hard to believe you have spent two months reviewing 4 vending machine products (albeit in great and humorous depth). WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?

  3. This really isn’t related to the post, but….


    I hate it when my favorite blogger don’t blog.

  4. Hmmm, my office filter, blocked vendingspree. Reason: “Sex”.

    What do they put in the vending machines in Washington State?

  5. […] Vending Spree – Simply because Matthew Baldwin is awesome. […]

  6. Did the vending machine win? Are you out of dollar bills? What did those damn wasabi nuts do to stop the Spree??

  7. I know this is wrong, and I wouldn’t even post it if I didn’t feel somehow vindicated by the other comments. But my first thought when I read about Vending Spree was “Oh, good — another blog he won’t update.”

    After all, there’s not any yogurt in the vending machine.

  8. you seem to have stalled at the gum.

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