New Year’s Resolutions 2011

  1. Restart defective yeti.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to do shit.


  1. Yes, please.

  2. yay!

  3. I have to leave a COMMENT? I can’t just click the “Like” button? Damn, Facebook has totally spoiled me.

  4. Yes! The yeti needs to be somewhat less defective….

  5. Damn, you already did both of those! Back to DQIX! Or is it time to crack open a cold Four LOKO, and git “crunk”. Wait, do people still get “crunk”? Also, what do you do with all your “spare” time? Lurking assholes on the internet demand to know!

    New Year’s Resolution 2011
    1. More periods, fewer exclamation points.

  6. I love this site. Can the New Year start tomorrow?

  7. Hazzah.
    Hope things are well.

  8. Agreed!

    3. Add Facebook-style “like” button.

  9. woot! More dyeti is a good thing.

  10. Will be very happy to see DY re-invigorated, Matt!

    I’m going to vote against the Facebook ‘Like’ button. It’s for lazy, illiterate monkeys (monkey press button, monkey get treat). Please don’t sully the Yeti with its presence!

  11. Yay. Yes please!

  12. I “liked” this in Google Reader, ha. (Also in real life, but without quotation marks.)

  13. awesome!! ^^

    also, i hope your holidays ROCK

  14. 0. Move New Year to mid-November.

  15. Do it.

  16. YAY! What we, and here I’m speaking on behalf of the internet as a whole, need more of are some in-depth Twilight reviews.

  17. Which New Year’s are you talking about – 2010? 2011? 2009?

  18. So does this mean we’re getting a game gift guide this year after all? I was beginning to worry…

  19. You know, I actually considered writing you an email asking you to start dy again. Thanks for making it happen!

  20. Yay!! i always get excited when you write a new post, no matter how small. This one makes me very, very happy.

  21. Don’t be teasing me, man. That would be mean.

  22. w00t!

  23. \o/

  24. Yay!!! You were missed! Thanks for coming back. :o)

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