Things That Should be Banned

  1. The playing over a car radio any song that contains a siren or horn.
  2. The playing over Internet radio any song that contains an approximation of the Google chat alert noise.
  3. Cottage cheese.

14 thoughts on “Things That Should be Banned

  1. Here’s another noise that should never be in a commercial – the tone for the Emergency Broadcast system, especially when it isn’t followed by “This is only a test.” There’s some trailer for a Sci-fi movie that has that noise. It seems so blasphemous.

  2. Sirens on commercials evoke the Pavlovian response of looking around. Those with acute ears can distinguish between what’s on the radio versus what’s around the car, so I end up swiveling around in an approximation of Linda Blair while my wife rolls her eyes.

  3. Well, the problem is that you Americans have cottage cheese that doesn’t have any flavour whatsoever. So, yeah, of course it’s hideous. It’s like eating lumpy chalk. Over here (Israel) we make it right, and it’s actually very tasty.

  4. Hey, if you don’t like our American cottage cheese then you can just ORGANIZE a NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT until it is PULLED FROM THE SHELVES EVERYWHERE!!!!

    No, seriously. I would be totally cool with that.

  5. I would like to add “TV shows that feature ringing doorbells” to the list of things that should NOT get banned, because I like it when my dog barks and runs to the door for no reason.

    I don’t like it so much when he does the same thing in the middle of the night to my closet door, but with dogs you sometimes take the good with the bad.

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