4 thoughts on “As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

  1. Shoot. I preferred my first thought which was this was taunting on the part of the key finder. A very artistic taunt.

  2. An acquaintance of a friend of my husband found a set of keys after Sledding Extravaganza on Capitol Hill, and thought they belonged to yet another friend. So they wound up in my living room. Turns out they belonged to nobody I knew. I posted a Craigslist lost and found ad, and got *six* different replies from other Capitol Hill residents who had been sledding and lost their keys. But these were not their keys. (Apparently all hipsters should carry duct tape.)

    I called the East Precinct police station and asked if there was any kind of lost and found — nope. I think I’ll just take a tip from your neighbors and make a pretty sign.

    Glad you got yours back!

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