Clash of the Pteridophytans

These are the sort of jokes you make after a decade of marriage to a botanist.


  1. Dagnabbit! I hayt them fern invaders.

  2. I love biologist humor!! (coming from a biologist of the avian variety–damn starlings…)

  3. I loved this. Laughing out loud loved this.

    …Which may or may not mean that one or both of us is a little cracked, but I’m content with that.

  4. […] while there, but he is back and writing again. And producing characteristically amusing things like this, which just made me laugh out loud in my living […]

  5. Well it made me laugh. I’m so glad you started posting again.

  6. It’s a pity Paris Hilton didn’t star in that remake.
    The movie could have really used a ‘Release the Slatern!” gag.

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