Accentuate the Positive

Nice try, Katy Perry’s publicist …

Discovered while trying to locate the source of this gif:


  1. I’ve been watching this awkward loop for the better part of ten minutes. It’s fascinating how it tricks the eye into thinking Ke$ha is quite the humble angel.

  2. It appears to be from the 2010 VMAs, if that helps you any.

  3. I. Can’t. Stop.
    After everybody goes to bed, I think I’m going to practiced the red-haired lady’s hand motion in the mirror.

  4. Should’ve searched for “fancy.”

  5. Good to see you’ve returned. I stopped checking your site some time last year when it fell into neglect… Will have to work you back into the rotation.

  6. Oh man, that gif is AWESOME. Rhianna is throwing some SERIOUS fancy-hand there.

  7. What’s happening in the gif? Is Rhianna dissing Katy Perry, and Katy Perry is ignoring her? Or was Rhianna saying: Hey, you’ve got something in your hair?

    I genuinely can tell what’s happening. Any clues?

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