How Would You Prefer to Squander Your Weekend?

Flash game Friday.

  • King’s Guard: Fantasy-themed casual action game in which you select … well, anyway, it’s Bejeweled. It’s Bejeweled with minotaurs.
  • Interlocked: Mindbending brainteaser that will tax your spatial reasoning skills, modeled on those wooden disentanglement puzzles. Warning: combining with Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale, as I did last night, will result in ow.
  • Hack Slash Crawl: Cute, Diabloesqe RPG with procedurally generated dungeons. Hope you like clicking! Click click click click click!!

One thought on “How Would You Prefer to Squander Your Weekend?

  1. Picked Kings Guard – I Liked the idea, but got bored well before the 20 rounds of it needed to beat the game. And then the additional 15 rounds needed to get “Triumph” on all of the missions…

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