Squig and I were watching Caillou this morning. Caillou is a Canadian kid’s show that teaches children that sharing is important, and teaches parents that their child is nowhere near as totally fucking annoying as he could be.

Anyway, at one point I got up from the couch and used the bathroom. When I returned a few minutes later, this was frozen on the screen:


Huh. I mean, I’m all for updating these children’s shows to make them palatable to a modern audience, but that’s a little extreme.

On the other hand, this form of conflict resolution seems considerably more efficient than any I’ve seen promoted by PBS in the past.

13 thoughts on “THIS IS CAILLOU!!!

  1. My daughter adores Caillou (or Kaapo, as he’s called in Finland). At one point, she watched 3-4 episodes each and every day.

    But that doesn’t look like any Caillou episodes I’ve seen…

  2. OK. I’ll admit it. I caused that.

    Caillou was a very important Visigoth chieftain, who united several southern tribes and caused some significant issues for the Romans.

    It freakin’ burns me that PBS went all Disney with his story like they have. First they clean up Pocahontas, and now this.

  3. Once my daughter was watching Caillou on You Tube in French on my iphone. I thought it was kind of odd since we don’t speak French, but figured it can’t hurt. I wandered away, then heard all kinds of French swear words. It was a Caillou parody. Thank God it was in French!

  4. Yeah we get Caillou here in Spain too.

    I always wondered about the name though. Caillou means “pebble” in French and it always seemed to be quite an ugly thing to call a small bald kid. The equivalent of ‘cueball’ or ‘slaphead’. It’d be enough to turn him into a raging, rampaging Visigoth.

  5. Agreed, he is the most annoying screwed up kid… and he always does the worst things… it’s like CBC is trying to teach our little Canadians how to be bad!! (and always blame the sister or the cat)

  6. I love PBS & Canada and all but Caillou is a whiny little bitch. I can only say that because he’s not a real child. We had to put a stop to that show in our house soon after our oldest started to mimic Caillou’s worst behavioral traits. Now it’s nothing but Tom & Jerry and the Simpsons in our home.

  7. Oh god. I just hate that little kid. We banned our oldest from watching the show after about 3 episodes, and our youngest still appears blissfully unware of its existence. I’d welcome the invasion of a Visigoth horde in Caillou’s world.

  8. Even my kids found that show sort of annoying when they were little…I say it needs more visgoths and less whiny brat bald kid.

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