Shall Remain Nameless

Me: Sorry, what’s your name again?

Him: You’ve forgotten my name?

Me: Yes. But don’t take it personally. I mean, I totally remember you. I am just terrible with names. The worst.

Him: Okay.

Me: And not only the names of people, either. Geographic names. Street names. Can’t remember them, any of them.

Him: Okay.

Me: And also figures. Like, if you were to ask me the population of Seattle, I would probably be off by an order of magnitude. No good with them. And also dates.

Him: So: facts. You are unable to remember facts.

Me: See, this is why I remember you. Your perspicacity.

3 thoughts on “Shall Remain Nameless

  1. I am like that too. Except I am also terrible with faces. Ever try explaining to someone that you are no good with names OR faces? “Hi. Please don’t be offended. If I know you, I will totally remember you in about eight minutes, or two minutes after you walk away, whichever is later.”

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