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Hi I like totally did some stuff.

  • I was on NPR talking about the portrayal of autism in the media, a follow-up to my “Autistic Trekdom” of last year. Several people have told me that the segment turned out well. I will take their word for it, as I find listening to myself on the radio to be an excruciating experience. I am doubly wary of this particular piece, because I spent most of my time in the studio floudering around aimlessly. (I pronounced the name “Abed” about 30 different ways, for instance.) If it is intelligible at all, that is due entirely to the editing prowess of my interviewer Jeanie Yandal.
  • Speaking of The Morning News (we were, kinda–they ran that “Trekdom” essay, above), the Tournament of Books wrapped up last Monday. I, like all judges, read the two finalists, Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, and voted for a winner. Now, as part of my 2011 Projects List, I owe y’all reviews of both novels. That will happen.
  • Meanwhile, over at Vending Spree: The PayDay bar! Mmm. Chia.

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere Me

  1. Wow – I came in in the middle of that segment, then had to turn it off again, so I never heard your name! But you sounded very good for the bit I did hear.

  2. I haven’t read the original piece that was the basis of the interview. Your points were new, interesting, and clear – don’t blame the editing entirely!

  3. I have been reading your site for a long time now, and just recently knew about your son being diagnosed with autism. I’m a single mom with two sons, both autistic, and I am so very inspired by they way you and your wife approach your situation. I have struggled with this, and continue to try and find ways for my sons to cope, but reading your posts has been very very encouraging. Take care.

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