1. Thank you for denoting what teachers have known for ages. Way to go creators of Spiderman reward stickers.

  2. You delighted me with this one. Thanks!

  3. Super work on your post Matthew!

  4. […] Defective Yeti offers a hierarchy of Spiderman reward stickers. […]

  5. How about a Tony Stark reward sticker with “Ironic Work!”

  6. Brilliant!

  7. Green is already used as a superlative. Just ask Ruby Rhod.

  8. So, you know this new Google Plus thing that we’re all puttzing around with and trying to figure out what the heck it is and oh my god it’s so SHINY AND NEW and it might be beautiful! ? One thing I’m trying to figure out is encircling etiquette. To wit: I adore you and I’ve been reading your blog for several years now, so I was about to add you to one of my circles, but then I hesitated and thought, “Dude, Matthew Baldwin has zero idea who you are, and that is creepy.” So, as of yet, I have not encircled you. But what you do think? What are your feelings on the matter? Inquiring mind(s) want to know!

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