The H. P. Lovefest

As if my nerd credentials were not already firmly established here on this website and elsewhere, I must also confess a weakness for the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

Well not “the works”, per se, although I do enjoy his writing. But what I am really a fan of is his entire deal: the mythology he created; the collaborations with his contemporaries, in which he and the “Lovecraft Circle” freely appropriated samples of each others work in a manner analogous to the hiphop movement of a half century later; his influence on popular culture even to this day (e.g., “Arkham Asylum” from the Batman comics); and of course, me being me, the many great games that have been inspired by the Lovecraftian canon.

My mythosmania flares up annually in the weeks before before Halloween; this year I am going to indulge it by posting H. P. miscellany each day until the 31st, possibly culminating in an essay about Lovecraft for The Morning News sometime around the end of the month.

If you are also a Lovecraft aficionado (as 45% of the Internet seems to be), please feel free to forward to me anything about the man, his writings, or his influence that you think is worthy of inclusion.

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