Early Daze

I was sitting at the table and surfing the web when I remembered that I had been making coffee. Trying to determine the cause of the delay I glanced across the room and saw that I had neglected to turn on the burner. As I rose and walked over to the stove I noticed that I had also forgotten to put the kettle on the burner. As I lifted the kettle to do so I discovered I hadn’t put water in it yet. As I was filling up the kettle from the tap I became aware of the french press sitting on the counter nearby, half-full and warm. It was then that remembered that I had, some ten minutes prior, made coffee, let it steep, poured myself a cup, added milk and sugar, and placed it on the table next to the laptop, where it currently resided.

So, yeah. That kind of morning.


  1. Ah yes, the need-coffee-to-make-coffee kind of morning.

  2. The ‘how the hell did i get to work today’ autopilot syndrome.

  3. Reminds me of the They Might Be Giants song, “Am I Awake?”:


  4. If you were wearing clothes you remained one step ahead of yourself.

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