And Then There Were Nine

The little finger on my right hand still hurts, more than a week after I bent it backward in a sledding accident. I am beginning to think I should see a doctor. But, when they ask “reason for visit”, I don’t know if I can bring myself to say “pinky”.

Also, if it atrophies and falls off, I am totally going to tell people I was in the Yakuza. This possibility is factoring into my decision more than it probably should.


  1. Alternatively, you could tell people you inherited this ring, and you had to go throw it in a volcano, but then the previous owner bit your finger off…

  2. Poor Yakuza.
    Can’t make a wish with the wishbone at Arigato-giving.

  3. I did in fact lose the tip of one of my little fingers in a childhood accident.

    Sometime I tell people this is because I failed the yakuza, but if so they mostly just look at me blankly. This makes me sad.

  4. […] by reading about, and laughing absurdly loudly about, Defective Yeti’s crafting a Yakuza backstory about his pinky finger accident. ¬†Matthew, I’ve got your back on […]

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