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Risk: Legacy (no spoilers): We have now played seven games of Risk: Legacy, and our interest in the game has yet to flag. As I mentioned in my initial review, our first session ended with new rules and cards coming into play, inspiring us to reconvene the following Sunday and continue our campaign. Yet more goodies were unveiled during the second session, but scheduling conflicts prevented us from gathering a third time until yesterday evening.

Last night we played two more games and, in the middle of the second, the most significant change yet was introduced, a literal “gamechanger” that goosed our enthusiasm for one more session at least. I was dubious that we would complete the full 15-game arc, but with the eighth and ninth installments approaching and yet more stuff in the box to discover, my skepticism on this point is waning.

It’s still Risk, for good or ill. But at the very least you you gotta acknowledge the skill with which they seeded the game with hooks to keep the players engrossed.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch: My atrophied pinky fell off as prophesied, but the good folks at OSI stepped in and replaced it with a bionic prosthetic.

I am still getting the hang of it, and have thus far broken the hands of three people while consummating pinky swears. Also I guess I have to fight Bigfoot? That sounds like bullshit but whatever.

Return of the Elder Gods: The H. P. Lovefest resumes tomorrow with a review of Arkham Horror.


    We’ll shatter your skulls and make your children cry!

  2. How much did you lose? We demand gory imagery!

  3. On a related note, Dr. Venture plays drums in a local band. I swear that he even wore a speed suit to a show a few months ago. I’ve been trying to work up my courage to ask for a picture with him just so I can prove that Dr. Venture is 1) real, and 2) plays in a totally bitchin’ band.

  4. Speaking of Lovecraft, a local blogger went to a Tea Party rally with a “Bachmann/Cthulhu” sign. Someone asked if Cthulhu was Hispanic. The blogger said, “Not really.” He told people that Cthulhu was a Congressman from NJ.

  5. Yeti vs. Bigfoot!

    Drop everything. Screenplay. now.

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