This is a test to see if I have successfully linked my blog with the corresponding Tumblr account.

Update: Well I’ll be pickled. I have.


  1. Are you leaving this website, then?

    I’m a long-time reader who lives on an island in BC with almost no bandwidth available. Because of this, I do a lot of web perusing via an RSS reader. I just took a look, and your Tumblr site has no RSS link.

    Don’t leave me! :D I joke, but greatly admire your way with words and would miss that delight if I can’t use RSS.

    Much respect and thanks for years of enjoyment.

  2. omg recursion much?

  3. Yay! RSS! rah rah rah!

    Thanks. :)

  4. How’d you do it?

  5. I’d also be interested in details of how you’ve set it up.

    Partly because I’m considering a movabletye->tumblr (or other more lightweight platform) transition myself, and am curious about the possibility of importing archives, etc.

    (And partly just for sheer web-geek curiosity ;)

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