This morning at Starbucks I ordered a latte grande with a shot of vanilla. I was pleased that I remembered to say “grande”; I usually say “big” and then receive an impromptu lecture on Starbucks sizing nomenclature.

I did not, however, remember to specify the potency, and so hastily added, “a double”. The achingly young barista smiled and chirpily replied, “duh!”

I was little irritated, of course. But I was also filled with pride, that my generation’s method of mocking the elderly is still employed by the youth of today.

2 thoughts on “Tradition

  1. I REFUSE. I refuse. When I do have to order at Starbucks, I say “small.” Always. And they never fail to say “tall?” back to me, and so then I say “yes, SMALL.”

    I am 5’2″ and I have never once in my life been called “tall,” Starbucks.

    (Thank you for letting me “venti” my frustration on your “sito web!”)

  2. I do that too, Zan. Who do they think they’re fooling, calling their drinks “big,” “bigger,” and “biggest?” (Okay, big, bigger, and “twenty.”) I will not buy in.

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