The 2013 Make-Yer-Own Oscar Pool

The 2012 Make-Yer-Own Oscar Pool Page is live. Per tradition there has been exactly zero user testing, so let me know if you encounter bugs, typos, or miscellaneous weirdness.

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  1. I’ve had my poll live for 45-60 minutes. I sent myself edit info, submitted a poll, and had some friends say they submitted, but I’ve received nothing.

    Is there simply a delay, or a problem?

  2. Thanks for doing this every year! It makes the Awards show more fun, and it has lead me to read the rest of your blog as well…

    Bug report: This morning I have asked my wife to try and also I have tried sending a test ballot from my pool page (8200) and did not get any results back in my inbox after a couple of hours…

  3. No emails come from the site for me, either! I love the pool. Thank you.

  4. Hi and thanks for putting this up every year. I too am a multi-year user that coordinates a pool for friends & family. No bugs are evident and my test email worked beautifully!

  5. Quick update: this is FLYING now. Whereas before I was waiting 12-24 hours for pools, I’ve been getting them in less than 5 minutes now.

    Great work. Thanks again for offering this.

  6. Thanks so much for doing this. I have used this for years—and am so grateful.

  7. hello… thanks so much for doing this. We use it for our company oscar pool every year. I filled out the form about a half hour ago and haven’t received any emails yet when I sent a test. Is it not working or is there just a delay?

  8. It’s not working again…

  9. Hi! I really appreciated this last year. Are you planning on doing this again?

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