Come on

Uh, yes I want butter on my bagel. That is the entire reason I am ordering a bagel. If it was socially acceptable to order a tub of whipped butter and have it tablespooned directly into my mouth, I would be doing that instead.

5 thoughts on “Come on

  1. Succinct, yes! The crumpets and muffins and bagels and various other odd bits of jetsam that exist only to inoculate us from the gawping of passerby – we should be thankful, I suppose. We wouldn’t (or ‘shouldn’t, as the British say) appear sufficiently demure were we to sit by the crackling fire and delicate lamplit chintz, elbow deep in a butter-churn and madly spackling our chins with the stuff. No, you need a scone for that scene, I reckon. Thanks for the frank butter-veneration.

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