Dizzying Logic

In Taco Bell.

Mother: What do you want?
Daughter: A number three combo and a burrito.
Mother: Nooo. That’s way too much food.
Daughter: No it’s not! It’s just a number three! And a burrito!
Mother: Well, okay. I guess you’re right.


Overheard in elevator.

First guy: [boastfully] I know I’m gonna get it. I know it.
Second guy: How do you know it?
First guy: Because good stuff always happens to me in threes.
Second guy: Huh. So what were the other two things?
First guy: Nuthin’ yet. This’ll be the first.

Cuppa Joe


Cop one: Where do you park?
Cop two: Over by Nathan’s Cafe.
Cop one: Nathan’s. They have a good cuppa joe at Nathan’s.

Wow: “cuppa joe.” Later they went and treated some wiseguys to a little chin music.

Teenage Girls … On The Bus!

TGOTB1: Hey, I’m goin’ to that Sonics Game wit you guys.

TGOTB2 [alarmed]: What?!

TGOTB1 [alarmed that TGOTB2 is alarmed]: What? Uh, I said I’m, uh, going to that Sonics game with you.

TGOTB2: Oh. Oh. Hah, I thought you said you were going to a “Science Thing” with me.

[Both girls laugh with relief now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up.]

TGOTB1: “Science Thing!” Yeah, like I’m going to a “Science Thing”. Now yer trippin’!



Person One: So, how’s school?
Person Two: Great.
Person One: Do you find it rewarding?
Person Two: Oh, yes. I think it’s very mind uhhh, uhhhhhhh. Errrm, uhhhhhh. Um. Uhhhh…
Person One: “Expanding”?
Person Two: Yes.